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Rusty Drew, the "ExtendeR Man"
excerpt from the Scottish Curler, November 2005
Drew & Assoc. was founded in 1999  out of necessity by inventor Thomas "Rusty" Drew.   Rusty's wife was an avid curler, but was having increasing difficulty curling the traditional way.  So Rusty devised the 1st curling stick & within 4 years had sold over 11 000 ExtendeR's to both able-bodied & wheelchair athletes.  The ExtendeR is now the most popular curling aid in the world!

Both the Canadian Curling & World Curling Federations recognize the ExtendeR for wheelchair curling as does the Canadian Five-Pin Bowling Association for the ExtendeR Bowling Q.  Now, with new owners, the reputation built by Rusty will not only continue today, but will carry on far into the future. Customers of Drew & Assoc. know that excellence is the very foundation of our business.

Our goal is to provide a top-quality product, get it to the customer in a timely manner, and to promote both curling & bowling for athletes of all ages & abilities.  Get Active & Get Involved!


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Drew & Associates is now operated out of Ottawa, Canada by David & Vivian Dafoe.  We promise to maintain the same high standards in both quality and customer service you have come to expect while introducing some new features, like a more interactive & informative website.  It is our goal to have all confirmed orders shipped within 24 hours so that you may begin enjoying the benefits of the ExtendeR family of products as soon as possible!

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The 1st ExtendeR prototype was built from a broom handle and a tin can!
The ExtendeR is used in more than 15 countries around the world!
The ExtendeR Scope was used by both the Canadian & US teams in the 1st Can-Am Wheelchair Curling Championship.
"What I do like about Rusty's ExtendeR is how light it is for the older curlers. It releases the rock extremely easy and is definitely growing in popularity..."

Kevin Martin - 2010 Olympic curling champion