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The ExtendeR Family of Products
The product that started it all.......the ExtendeR Head!

This 100% Canadian designed and built product is molded from a well-balanced polymer resin that features high impact strength properties, especially at lower temperatures.  It fits on the handle of most curling stones allowing the curler to remain upright or seated while performing a well controlled, accurate delivery and release.
$ 35.00 Head only
The ExtendeR Scope - Even Better in SILVER
The best selling "original" length ExtendeR Scope is crafted from light weight aluminum.   This telescopic pole/stick extends from 2.5’ to 4’ and has a total playing weight under 400 grams or just under one (1) pound.  The improved design incorporates an improved dual-locking mechanism, similiar to the Special Edition.

$ 65.00  Stick + Head
$ 110.00 with Performance brush as a "Combo Stick"
The ExtendeR Scope - Special Edition
The next generation! 

This durable telescopic stick is made from lightweight aluminum with an extended playing length of 3’ to 6’.  Enjoy all the benefits of a longer telescopic stick with a lighter playing weight (400 grams) & an improved dual-locking mechanism.

$ 75.00  Stick + Head
$ 120.00 with Performance brush, as a "Combo Stick"
The ExtendeR Advantage
This ultra lightweight, non-telescoping stick is manufactured from anodized Aluminum which increases both corrosion and wear resistance.  It has a standard playing length of 4.3’ and weighs an amazing 236g  or just ½ pound! 

Available in Blue and Cherry Red

Please note:  The length of the ExtendeR Advantage can be customized upon request.
$ 95.00  Stick + Head
$ 130.00 with Performance brush, as a "Combo Stick"

The ExtendeR Fiberglass
This popular, non-telescoping stick is made from polished white fiberglass, has a standard playing length of 4.3’ and weighs just under 1 pound or 420g.  One of the nicest features of the ExtendeR Fiberglass is that it remains “warmer” to the touch than the standard metal sticks. 

Please note:  The length of the ExtendeR Fiberglass can be customized upon request.

$ 70.00  Stick + Head
The ExtendeR Combo
The best of both worlds!

Now you have the ability to make great shots & sweep with the same stick. The ExtendeR Scope, Special Edition Scope, & ExtendeR Advantage can be crafted into this style of club.  All the inherent advantages of the stick & the ExtendeR Head with the addition of a Performance Brush.

Prices listed with Stick descriptions.  This item is not sold separately.
ExtendeR Bowling Q
The ExtendeR family of products is not just for curling anymore! 

This uniquely designed product conforms to fit all 5 pin bowling balls and is C5PBA approved.  It may be added to any ExtendeR handle.

$ 40.00  Head only
$ 65.00  ExtendeR Scope + Head
$ 75.00  Special Edition + Head
$ 95.00  Advantage + Head
The ExtendeR Product Warranty:

The entire ExtendeR product family is warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase against manufacturers defect.  Any evidence of misuse will void this warranty.  All claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt.  Taxes and shipping are extra.

All prices listed in Canadian funds.  Please contact us for volume discounted pricing.
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