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-Rick,   March 2000
The design of your ExtendeR is such that the handle is almost at the center of gravity of the curling stone.  This means, as the ExtendeR handle is rotated the turn is applied through the center of the stone, which is exactly what the CCA High Performance Center instructs curlers to do.
I want to thank you again for your donation of a curling "Extender" to our Rehabilitation Centre here at Saskatoon City Hospital. I attended a w/c curling clinic recently (March 13/04) in conjunction with the Brier and it was a huge success. They used the "Extender" exclusively at this clinic. I had an opportunity to try it as well and was very impressed with the control that you have delivering a curling rock in this manner. I have already introduced it to several of my clients here on Rehab. They are thrilled that they will be able to use a device that allows them to continue to be independent with a sport they have enjoyed so much in the past.

-Sherri,   March 2004
All I can say is that the curling stick can really prolong your curling life and that more people that have joint problems or balance problems should readily accept this great device and have more fun on the ice.
-JL,   March 2011
Because of her poor balance our daughter was afraid of trying a slide delivery. THE EXTENDER is allowing her, as well as other Special Olympians to experience the sport.."

-Val,   JULY 2007
My curling has improved greatly with the ExtendeR and I'm enjoying the game more than I ever have.  I wish you continuing success with your ExtendeR product line.
Therese,   January 2010
Curling is fun again since I started using the EXTENDER. I have arthritis in the knees and hip and going down was easy but getting up was agony when throwing a rock.  I strongly endorse and recommend the EXTENDER to anyone who has knee or other discomfort which takes away the joy of curling.

Fred, November 2005